Many think that career planning is something that begins once they have entered college. Choosing a career path early will help you get better prepared for postsecondary education. Below is a useful timeline to help you choose and prepare for a career path before you even apply for college.

In 5th Grade, students will…
  • Identify Study Skills and Goal Setting
  • Attend a Career Fair or listen to speakers from different career fields
  • Field Trip to feeder Middle School Campus
    • Discuss Pre-AP and Technology Course selection in MS
    • Explore extra-curricular activities available in MS
  • Observe College Awareness days
In 6th Grade, students will…
In 7th Grade, students will…
  • Describe where you see yourself in 15-18 years: (Goals)
  • Complete a career interest inventory and receive a list of compatible careers.
    • KUDER: A leading provider of internet-based tools and resources that help students and adults achieve their educational and career planning goals
    • TexasCares World of Work: School to work helps the residents of Texas make rewarding career decisions
    • Achieve Texas: Is designed to help you and your parents make wise education choices
  • Identify careers that meet your interests and talents: What are you good at? What do you like to do?
    • Browse through specific assessment topics to help you identify your skills, interests, and values – and match them to careers that might suit you best:
In 8th Grade, students will…
In 9th Grade, students will…
  • Research job and career opportunities including potential salaries, future job market
  • Follow the course sequence for your program of study (career pathway)
  • Enroll in Dual Enrollment , Pre-AP and AP classes
  • Take the COMPASS/ Accuplacer/THEA exams
  • Maintain a high GPA
  • Attend tutorials when needed
  • Be involved in extra curricular activities, clubs, organizations
  • Take over the leadership roles within the school environment
  • Be involved in community service year round
  • Begin a work in progress resume
  • Visit your school’s Go Center
  • Research universities on College For All Texans and CollegeBoard, and check out their summer programs (Reybotics Summer Valley Program through UTB)
In 10th Grade, students will…
  • Continue with ninth grade recommendations
  • If requirements haven’t been met, retake the COMPASS/Accuplacer/THEA exams
  • Research summer programs with local University (ex: RGV summer science internship through UT branch)
  • Visit universities online or on site
  • Request a Texas Compendium (a free resource that gives information about admission requirements, tuition, college size, location, etc)
  • Enroll in an SAT prep class
  • Take the PSAT as practice
  • Continue updating your resume
In 11th Grade, students will…
  • Take PSAT in October
  • Continue with 9th and 10th grade recommendations
  • Keep in close communication with your school counselor
  • Check with your guidance center to access available information such as newsletters, emails from counselors, school websites , and other methods of communication
  • Participate in your college day or university day at your high school
  • Visit CollegeBoard and March 2 Success which provides practice SAT tests, Questions of the day and Junior/Senior checklists
  • Review essays from Apply Texas, Common Application, Gates Millennium, etc… to get an idea of the essays expected for completion of application process
  • Review financial aid application expectations at Apply Texas which will be completed the student’s senior year
  • Apply for Subiendo Leadership Conference through University of Austin or Lorenzo de Zavala
  • Apply for Leadership Conference or any other leadership conferences available in your area
  • Enroll in summer program opportunities such as NASA High School Aerospace summer program
  • Request information from Universities/Colleges
  • Continue to update your resume
  • Sign up for SAT prep class
In 12th Grade, students will…
  • Continue with 9th, 10th and 11th grade recommendations
  • Take SAT/ACT (College board vouchers are available through your school counselor)
  • Meet all college application deadlines to apply at Apply Texas or university website
  • Apply for financial aid and meet university financial aid deadlines
  • Apply for scholarships at the University you plan to attend and with your high school counselor
  • Do your own scholarship searches on FastWeb
  • Participate in college sports register on the NCAA website or on the PlayNAIA website if you qualify
  • Talk to the college representatives at university day or campus scheduled visits
  • Make sure all final transcripts, letters of recommendations, financial aid information, AP scores (if applicable), and university applications are submitted by the university deadline