Freshman Year
Set your own game plan to prepare for your future and start thinking about career options.
Sophomore Year
Talk to your counselor about college prep courses and/or curriculum related to your career inclination.
Junior Year
Prepare and sign up to take your SAT or ACT by April or May and explore options like dual enrollment, internships and extra curricular activities to enhance your resume/curriculum. You should begin researching colleges at this time, as well.
Senior Year
Narrow down your college options and begin the application process early. Ask teachers and counselors for letters of recommendation. Check for early application deadlines at the schools of your choice (these usually fall around early November). Begin your financial aid application process during the winter to ensure you receive aid in time.

IMPORTANT: Check the deadlines of the school you are applying to, as deadlines vary. Also, you should consult the particular schools you are applying to and their respective applications for their specific requirements. The above serves as a general timetable. The application process has several components and can be cumbersome, especially the different essay requirements for each school, so we suggest you start your application as soon as possible.