Curriculum alignment is the process in which educators across all levels (including BISD, TSC and UTB) formally evaluate a course or an educational program to address the changing needs of students and the workforce. Teachers, educational advisers and program coordinators collaborate to develop the curriculum and ensure there are no gaps that may impede academic progress. Research on curriculum alignment shows a strong correlation to student achievement. It also helps to modify courses and programs to better target student postsecondary success and make better use of school resources. Curriculum alignment can also help reduce remediation and help students earn postsecondary credentials faster.

BISD and UTB/TSC aligned.

BISD teachers and UTB/TSC faculty established a collaborative working relationship in which they worked as equals in their field. In January 2012, 18 BISD teachers and 12 UTB/TSC faculty members began working together to fix curriculum gaps that prevent students from succeeding in their college careers. The first Curriculum Alignment Institute was successfully conducted in June and a second one in August.

Through these Curriculum Alignment Institutes, teachers and faculty have the chance to learn from each other, exchange ideas and stories about student challenges and successes as well as identifying gaps in the curriculum.

Full Curriculum Alignment Report coming up soon.

Curriculum alignment institutes.

Summer Institute August 13-15

The PPS Curriculum Alignment team from BISD and UTB/TSC introduced the newly aligned curriculum to science, math, English and social studies teachers.

Upcoming Institutes.

When enthusiastic and passionate educators meet, amazing things can happen. Stay tuned for more information about our upcoming Curriculum Alignment Institute in December.