By participating in the All In mentorship program you’ll help young students make a smooth school-to-career transition. Research shows that experiential learning promoted intellectual maturity, personal growth, career awareness and civic and social responsibilities, so as an employer mentor you’ll impact a student’s life beyond the workplace. There are many things you can achieve when you work one-on-one with a student, but the main three goals of our mentorship program are:

  • To provide career advice and best practices
  • To be a role model who shares personal and professional growth
  • To guide student employees through their academic, social and cultural journey

If you don’t think mentoring is right for you there are other ways you can help a student, including:

  • Offering informational interviews
  • Conducting workplace tours
  • Allowing job shadowing
  • Carrying out mock interviews
  • Participating in career or job fairs
  • Visiting campuses
  • Speaking at career-oriented conferences
  • Critiquing cover letters and resumes