Ready to advance education, create careers and transform Brownsville? Our strength lies in collective action. Whether you have an idea to share, time to spare, knowledge to spread and the enthusiasm to help others like you ignite our youth’s future, we’ve got ways for you to get All In.


  • Explore career options
  • Prepare for college early
  • Take responsibility for your future
  • Attend school every day
  • Participate in school and community events
  • Research careers and college options
  • Be a mentor to fellow students
  • Identify mentors and resources
  • Set short- and long-term goals
  • Raise your standards and be accountable


  • Give internships and mentorships
  • Allow job shadowing
  • Offer work experience
  • Help with scholarships
  • Provide tuition assistance/reimbursement
  • Grant flexible work schedules to your student employees
  • Participate in Career Days at local schools


  • File your taxes early – call 211 to locate the nearest free Volunteer Income Tax Assistance site
  • Make sure your children go to school everyday
  • Attend school open houses regularly
  • Spread the word to other parents
  • Encourage daily study time
  • Motivate your child to explore career options


  • Raise your standards
  • Be rigorous
  • Continue your own education
  • Take students to college campuses
  • Mentor your students
  • Reach out to parents
  • Encourage dual enrollment or become a dual enrollment teacher
  • Encourage postsecondary credentials early
  • Incorporate soft skills into your curriculum