Learning for the sake of learning will not ensure you a successful and happy career. Choosing a specific path will not only determine what kind of postsecondary education options you have, it will also determine the industry you will work in, the kinds of jobs you can apply for and the overall direction of your professional life. This quiz can help you explore the different career cluster and career pathways available to you to help prepare you for college and your career.

Career planning quiz

Answer “yes” or “no” to the following questions:

  • 1.
    Do you like working with people?
  • 2.
    Are you good at building things from scratch?
  • 3.
    Do you like visiting museums?
  • 4.
    Do you find it easy working with technology?
  • 5.
    Do you like team sports?
  • 6.
    Do you enjoy laboratory work in chemistry or biology?
  • 7.
    When you tackle a problem, do you stick with it until you find the answer?
  • 8.
    Do you like working with computers?
  • 9.
    Do you enjoy games like chess that involve strategy?
  • 10.
    Are you good at math?
  • 11.
    Do you like to tinker with electrical equipment?
  • 12.
    Are you good at solving problems?
  • 13.
    Do you read scientific or technical magazines?
  • 14.
    Do you prefer to gather all the facts before making a decision?
  • 15.
    Do you enjoy working on crossword puzzles?
  • 16.
    Do you work well in a team?
  • 17.
    Have you ever cared for a sick pet?
  • 18.
    Do you get good grades in math?
  • 19.
    Do you like to play chess?
  • 20.
    Are you interested in insects, snakes, frogs, or other animals?
  • 21.
    Do you like following a blue print to build things?
  • 22.
    Do you pay attention to details?
  • 23.
    When you are working, do you pay close attention to detail?
  • 24.
    Do you like to keep your things in order and organized?
  • 25.
    Do you like to tinker with cars or small appliances?
  • 26.
    Do you like solving puzzles and brainteasers?
  • 27.
    Are you interested in science?
  • 28.
    Do you enjoy video games?
  • 29.
    Have you ever done volunteer work to help others?